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EU's Conference Interpreting Agents (ACIs) to reject the Institutions' “mitigating measures” this Wednesday

22 Jun 2020

Although the AIIC Negotiating Delegation (the elected representatives of ACIs) had asked for the withdrawal of said measure, the EU Institutions started contacting eligible interpreters individually last Friday to present them with the offer: a one-off advance payment equal to three or four days of work that will be carried out at a later date not yet specified. The Delegation has rejected the notion of deferred contracts from the outset, as well as this fait accompli policy undertaken by the Institutions, which effectively ignores social dialogue and nullifies ACIs’ trust in the administrative level in charge of any negotiation.

Early this morning, the European Commission, European Parliament and European Court of Justice invited the Delegation to meet on Thursday 25th of June. The withdrawal of the measure and the provision of statistics concerning the ACI population has always been the Delegation's precondition to meet with the Institutions. Until now, none of the conditions were met. However, as a token of good faith and in view of the urgency, the ACI representatives have now agreed to the meeting in the hope that actual progress is achieved and real social dialogue can begin.

Action: Symbolic rejection of the Institution's mitigating measures

Date and time: Wednesday, 24th of June, at 8h30

Place: Rond Point Schuman (handing in of letters) and Rue de la Loi 102 (symbolic delivery)

Contact: Silvia Puit Vögelin - AIIC Negotiating Delegation
Phone: +32 485.953.165
E-mail: eu-nd@aiic.net