Who we are

We are the Conference Interpreting Agents (ACIs) of the European Union.

ACIs are a group of freelance interpreters accredited to work for the EU Institutions and they cover more than 50% of the simultaneous interpretation provided in meetings and conferences organised by the European Institutions (the rest is covered by staff interpreters). There are more than 3200 accredited interpreters, 1500 of whom work regularly for the European Institutions.

Who represents them?

The interests of ACI have been represented and defended by AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters) since 1969. AIIC has been the only partner in social dialogue with the European Institutions in numerous negotiations to conclude agreements and resolve disputes. This work is done by the Negotiating Delegation (ND) assisted by sub-sectoral delegations at the European Parliament (European Parliament Professional Delegation, EPPD) and the European Commission (European Commission Professional Delegation, ECPD).

The Delegation members are directly elected by ACIs during sectoral or sub-sectoral meetings, which are open to all accredited colleagues. These meetings are held on a regular basis at one of the seats of the European Institutions — Brussels or Strasbourg. The Delegations maintain close relations with the various Staff Delegations (Interpreters' Delegation, ID for the European Commission and Delegation of Interpreters, DELINT for the European Parliament) and can, if required, contact the local Staff Committees of the different Institutions, which bring together the trade unions represented therein.

We are not just voices in your headphones!